10 Misconceptions About Men Who Dress Well



#1. We’re judgmental of those who don’t dress “up”

Don’t care what you wear. Really don’t. In fact, keep it up.

#2. We’re just dying for you to ask us about our suit, shoes, or watch

Please don’t. Unless it’s a pal that seems a bit lost in terms of dressing, and he’s genuinely interested in knowing the ropes? Then yes. Absolutely. Otherwise, it’s just something we bought.

#3. We never dress down

Totally inaccurate. The thing is, when we do dress down to something like a t-shirt and jeans, it can look great because it fits better. Fit can make just about anything look outstanding.

#4. We spend all of our money on clothes

If that’s the case, then why does this website even exist? Some guys spend money on sports tickets. Some guys spend money on video games. Some guys spend money on clothes. Sure, these things can intersect, but dropping some cash on clothing doesn’t mean you’re a financial disaster.

#5. We love to go shopping

Some guys demand an in-person look at their clothes before purchasing, but plenty of us stick to online, knock it out quick, and hate the mall. Really, really hate the mall.

#6. We love having our picture taken

There are few things that can generate an eye-roll faster than a vain peacock mugging for the camera. All the elaborate posing, with his icy stare, trying his hardest to look his coolest so he can share it online in an attempt to inflate his already obese ego. Those types might be the loudest, but it’s not the norm.

#7. We’re a lawyer, or we’re in finance

Possible, sure. But certainly not always the case. The occupational variety of people who have emailed in style tips over the years is amazing. From members of the clergy to military servicemen. Construction workers to stay at home dads.

#8. We’re Gay

Maybe. Maybe not. What’s it to you? And what decade did you get stuck in?

#9. We’re out to hit on your wife or girlfriend

Yet others are thinking #8? Look, if we’re sitting next to you guys at a bar, and you’re all but completely ignoring her while telling old stories with your bros or engrossed in a game on the TV, don’t get pissed at me when she strikes up a conversation.

#10. We take dressing “well” too seriously

Most of us recognize how silly all this is. It’s a means to an end. It’s not the end.

10 Misconceptions About Men Who Dress Well | Dappered.com

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Reference: http://dappered.com/2015/08/10-misconceptions-about-mens-who-dress-well/

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