Outfitter Company provides a credit card facility. For those of you who want to grow faster with limited capital or money on hand, this could be one of the opportunity for you. Let’s make the most out of it. We affiliates with Doku. This company working as a third party, it is to ensure that your credit card is valid and safe.

How it works:

As a third party, Doku will charge 3.5% of the final transaction. We, as a B2B company, are not covering this charges. Instead, it will be automatically added to your final transaction with Credit Card Charges Calculation.

(Total amount with logistic/ Without logistic) divided by 0.965

Example: Rp 1.000.000 divided by 0.965 = Rp 1.036.269,430
So the Credit Card Charge that you have to pay will be Rp 36.269,430

We do accept Mastercard and Visa
For more information please kindly contact us.